My name is Alja Berk, and I am a certified Yoga Nidra teacher, teaching Yoga Nidra in the Haarlem community, and online through private coaching.

I was first immersed in a Yoga Nidra Retreat/Teacher Training, at the Kawai PuraPura Center in New Zealand. This was guided by Pragyadhara, who learned from Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, the second accessor of Swami Satyananda (originator of modern Yoga Nidra). There I educated myself about the science of Yoga Nidra, and developed a daily practice.  Later, I obtained a Yoga Nidra certification from Arhanta Yoga, in the Netherlands, to expand my knowledge ofdifferent Yoga Nidra styles.

If I was to pass on only one piece of wisdom to future generations, it would be Yoga Nidra. I deeply believe that spiritual practice should be a daily routine of every Westerner. With technology rise, it is impossible to maintain a healthy balance without knowing how to relax the active mind.

As a teacher, I quickly pick up on students’ state of being in front of me, so I can adjust my teaching style correspondingly. I am very grateful to anyone who trusts me in guiding them.


My knowledge of Yoga is much broader than Yoga Nidra. In 5 years of my yoga practice, I learned and practiced the wider yogic philosophy (consisting of asanas, mantras, pranayama,…), and  explored different branches and styles. I was also immersed in various yoga & meditation retreats, and ashram stays.
Next to teaching Yoga Nidra in Haarlem, I also run my own ‘Human Potential Coaching‘ company. Alja Berk Coaching was built to support conscious humans on their journey of empowerment & self-actualization. Through both, inward- and outward- growth focused coaching programs I help individuals build more purpose-driven lifestyles.
You can find more about my coaching programs here:
~ 8 week ‘Holistic Inner Empowerment’
~ 4 week ‘Meaningful Career Clarity’
~ 8 weeks ‘Conscious Solo Business Strategy’

Previously I worked in the commercial pharmaceutical and market research industry, but did not feel I was making use of my full potential. Through supporting individuals in rising their self-awareness, and making use of their own potential, I hope to contribute to building ‘the New Earth’ – a society of higher consciousness, well-being, inclusivity, authenticity, and collaboration.